Cardinal Parolin: Europe must not forget its Christian roots

cardinal parolin

Cardinal Pietro Parolin stated during the Bled Strategic Forum in Slovenia that “Europe must not forget its Christian roots and the necessary contribution of the Churches.”

Newsroom (September 7, 2021 10:38, Gaudium Press) The Bled Strategic Forum that is dedicated to the future of Europe was attended by the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin. At the event, the Italian ecclesiastic addressed issues that revolve around solidarity, such as international cooperation and migration.

According to Parolin, “the current weakening of confidence in international law and international organizations” is evident and has consequences for the European project itself. He concluded that this can “affect, in particular, the feeling of belonging to Europe, which is based on adherence to its fundamental values such as respect for the dignity of the human person, a deep sense of justice, freedom, diligence, a spirit of initiative, love for the family, respect for life, tolerance, and a desire for cooperation and peace.”

He also pointed out that in a world of rapid change, there is a risk of a “loss of identity, especially when shared values are lacking.”

He detailed that in order to rediscover the common European identity and make predictions in this regard, it is essential to “encourage and support an open, transparent and regular dialogue” with representatives of the Churches and religious associations, which “contribute to the formation of European values.”

Among the values, the cardinal stressed solidarity: “European solidarity is at the heart of the European project.” Therefore, European countries must work in cooperation, “they must see each other as partners, and not as competitors, or as colonizers,” and he added that “cooperation must not be limited to European borders.”

On migration, the Cardinal affirmed the need for a global effort, since “fragmented solutions are inadequate” and communities of solidarity must “help migrants so that they learn to respect and assimilate the culture and traditions of the nations that receive them.”

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Compiled by Zephania Gangl

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