Former French Prime Minister gives his opinion on the clergy and the liturgy

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The recent book by Tugdual Dennis brings some considerations of Édouard Philippe regarding his incomprehension of certain liturgies and his opinion about the French clergy, among others.

Newsroom (September 10, 2020, 1:50 PM, Gaudium Press) The book, entitled, “The truth about Edouard Philippe: narration of an ambush” [original title “La vérité sur Édouard Philippe: récit d’une embuscade”, in Robert Laffont] has just been published.

The author and also journalist, Tugdual Dennis, presents the compilation of long conversations he had with Edouardo Philippe, Emanuel Macron’s former minister and current mayor of Le Havre. The conversations took place between September 2020 and June 2021.

In the book, Eduardo Philippe talks about various topics: the future of France, Islam, international relations… Among the topics covered, Eduardo Philippe gives his opinion about the Catholic Church and the liturgy.

Philippe comments on the simplicity, intelligence, and depth of a Protestant sermon during a funeral, but regrets that not all homilies are of such interest.

The politician further states that he is shocked by certain liturgies and liturgical animations, “I never understood the guitar during Mass. For me, the sacred is either very sober, like the nudity we find in monasteries, or it is very pompous.”

Due to somewhat critical statements about the Church, throughout the conversations with the author, Tugdual asks if Edouard Philippe is anticlerical.

The former prime minister states that he is not anticlerical and declares that he has very respectful relations with the bishop of Le Havre. However, he also states: “but I am also not happy with what the clergy has made of the Catholic Church. The level of the French clergy has fallen globally, I think.”

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Compiled by Sarah Gangl

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